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Why is Matcha from MatchaMagic so special:

"Bio Matcha in höchster Qualität"



  1. MatchaMagic, in the sign of energy, stands for the green caffeine.
  2. The special tea leaves for MatchaMagic (Tencha) come exclusively from controlled organic farming from Kagoshima and Aichi in Japan. [Nbsp]
  3. Due to the two-stage shading the tea leaves accumulate extremely with amino acids, the content of catechin is multiplied, antioxidants are present in a rich number.
  4. Harvested are only the top delicate tea leaves, which are also freed from stems and branches.
  5. They are then steamed and dried.
  6. Granite stone mills mill the leaves slowly and gently to the finest powder. Ground is always fresh to order!
  7. With Matcha you consume the whole tea leaf. 100% of the valuable ingredients unfold your soothing effect.
  8. With the tea infusion, you absorb only 30% of the water-soluble substances, the rest wander in the garbage, what a pity!
  9. Matcha has 5x more caffeine than coffee! Through the coupling of the caffeine to tannins it is gradually absorbed by the body over a longer period of time. The green caffeine is easy to stomach and stimulates without getting excited!
  10. In the imperial era, Matcha was regarded as the source of eternal life. With an ORAC value of approximately 1600μmolte / g, Matcha 6x contains more antioxidants than goji berries and 25x more than Acai berries. Vitamins, minerals, micronutrients and antioxidants are 100% bioavailable in Matcha!
  11. Matcha has a wonderful effect not only at the classic tea ceremony, but also for energizing, detoxing and anti-aging as well as support for effective weight management.
  12. The dependence on coffee is mitigated, if not completely eliminated, with Matcha.